About Me

A southeast native, I grew up in a house of environmental advocates and outdoor educators. My parents instilled a love for travel and the protection of the world from a young age, and I now create content that builds empowerment, community, and connection to ourselves, the world, and one another. 


Join me in my mission to advocate for this planet and inspire the population to be an informed, compassionate people. 

Ongoing Work

Mpala Live!

Producer, Editor

Red Wolves: A Comeback Tail? 

Film Coming Soon!

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Center for Environmental Filmmaking

Newsletter/Social Media Content Editor

Quality of Life: The James River 

Film Coming Soon!

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Mentionable Work

Hults-Bruk/REI Info Video


T.C. Webb Productions, 2020

WAXON Studios; 


T.C. Webb Productions, 2020

Completed National Geographic Special Topics Course via American University

Archival Video Editor

Video Available Upon Request, 2020

Filmed Youth Climate Strike

Footage utilized in "Unbreathable: The Fight for Healthy Air"

Center for Environmental Filmmaking, 2019

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