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About Me

From a young age, my parents instilled a love for nature and getting outside, and I grew up paddling and exploring the southeast. I attended Brevard College, where I received my BA in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education (WLEE) and Journalism.


Driven to tell stories about conservation and passion in the outdoors, I am now an award-winning filmmaker pursuing my MFA at American University in environmental and social impact filmmaking. My projects often focus on the health of rivers, including my thesis film featuring the James River, "Troubled Tributary: Maryland's Patuxent River," which focuses on environmental justice in relation to river history, and "The Grand Salmon Project," a film currently in production.  

Ongoing Work

A River Called Home

Producer, Director, Editor

Festival/Booked Screening Circuit

Check out the story.

Troubled Tributary: Maryland's Patuxent River | Maryland Public Television 

Producer, Director, 2nd Cam, Editor

Festival Circuit

Watch it here!

The Grand Salmon Project

Director, Editor

Film Coming Soon!

See more here.

Freelance Projects

Producer, Director, Camera Op, Editor 

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Mentionable Work

Additional Cinematography | Upstream, Downriver

Center for Environmental Filmmaking, 2023

Pisgah Collective

Director, DP, Editor

Camera Operator/Editor, Various Projects  

TC Webb

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